Brett Eddy | Executive

Innovation and game-changing opportunities are created daily – how we choose to lead, engage, and envision determines where and how we will leave our mark on the world.  Technology is my passion, but people are the reason I go to work every day – whether it is incubating a new startup, engaging and leading technical teams, or driving global expansion, it is always about improving the lives of the people – be they under my direct care, the customers I serve, or the investors I build value with.  Increasing shareholder value must be aligned to doing good for the world.  As leaders, join me in embracing this important principle.


Past Executive Roles & Engagements Include:

Microsoft Corporation

Windermere Solutions

Microsoft Visio

Microsoft System Center

Microsoft Operations Manager

WatchGuard Technologies

Rosetta Solutions, Inc

Reischling Press, Inc

NetGalley LLC

Ignition Garage LLC

SURF Incubator


Press + Resources:

RPI Patent Press Release

Mobile Photography Connects The World

Geekwire – Solutions

Geekwire – iPad

Inman – Agent Sites

Seattle Times

MidTech CIO Summit

Presentation: “When Capturing Lightning is the Easy Part: How to lead technical people, build highly-functional teams, and make a difference”

Civic & Volunteer Engagements:

KEDA Tech Committee

Non-Profit Board Member