Affirmations Project

Leaders have a responsibility to create organizations of substance in times of uncertainty.  Along that journey we must first believe in the capability that we can effect positive change.  To be successful, then, the beginning of the journey starts with our own mind and emotions.

If you want to influence your emotional mind, don’t argue with it. Instead, overwhelm it with positive affirmations. The inner skeptic is massively susceptible to the power of positive affirmations.

As a labor of love, this is a project of writing and gathering Affirmation Statements from my myself, and my trusted friends and colleagues.  The objective is to create affirmation statements that are grounded in healthy truths, that are grounded in the “future state” that is we must bring to life.  This is an attempt to battle the “Head Junk” (negative thoughts, recurring false fears, and wincing memories of painful trials) that can steal the positive momentum of a leader.  The outcome of this project is not yet known however it will most likely be a digital distribution and potentially a print product.

Also, as a leader, it is our responsibility to leave a legacy to future generations.  Today’s generation has a challenge of always having the need to present a false and fantastic front, that is often far from the truth of their lives.  Affirmations are a type of meditation that grounds the mind and the soul, and when presented from a place of honesty, can powerfully transform our fears to joy, our despair to hope, and our failures to success.

If you would like to be a contributor to the Affirmations Project, please let me know.